Deborah Anne Fisher is a Singer / Songwriter and sometimes Blues Diva from Sullivan County, NY. Deborah's musical talents bridge a variety of genres including folk, blues, rock and songs of social conscience. Her latest song "On the Rio Grande" speaks to the border issues of Mexican immigrants. She recently performed the song at the third "Hugs Not Walls" event in El Paso, TX.
She has released 3 albums (to listen click "tunes")on her own label as well as "Just a Few Old Memories" on Wepecket Island Records:
1999 Love Waits
2001 In the Jungle
2014 Rose Mountain
2016 Just a Few Old Memories ~ WPI


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In my spare time I minister to those who can't get out and enjoy music freely. You know music the great healer and God's gift to give, on that note, if you'd like to donate something for the cause, please know that it will be the gift that keeps on giving...

Thank you so much for your support!