Wepecket Island Record Recording Artist: Deborah Anne Fisher is a Singer / Songwriter and sometimes Blues Diva from Sullivan County, NY. Deborah's musical talents bridge a variety of genres including folk, blues, rock and songs of social conscience.  

Blues Roots: The Dallas Fisher Band ~ Since the bands inception in 1995, Fisher assembles a who's who pick of musicians to present a Rockin' Blues Band chock full of Crowd pleasing feel good songs and some originals thrown in. Musicians TBA. Fisher self Released two Original CD's with the Dallas Fisher Band, musicians & songs under Discography. Her debut cd Love Waits earned her a praiseworthy mention in Blues Access Magazine. Along with assembling her Blues Band as desired, Fisher continues to play in many capacities:

Fisher & Kean:    Fisher & Kean is a less is more duo collaboration of Deborah Anne Fisher & Paul Kean, singer/songwriter who play traditional to contemporary + original music and varied instruments:  Events & Live Recordings on Facebook Artist Page: Now check out Videos!

Joshua Tree      Folk Trio with Al Muller: Cajone, Steve Vecchiotti: Guitar & Vocals, Fisher: Guitar, Uke & Vocals. Event posts on Joshua Tree Artist FB and tracks on Reverbnation- link on Contact page.

Rolling Roots Revue ~ Wepecket Island Records Touring Group
      -Two Cd's are slated for future Wepecket Island Records Release: gospel and prewar women in blues. 
      -"Deborah Anne Fisher: Novelist & Blues Harpist Kevin Robinson’s Comment On Fisher’s debut WPI CD “'Just A Few Old Memories' is a treasure chest, filled with so much more than memories. Much of what we call “American History" is spun, filtered, and without much substance, but Debbie's new CD is a picture of America's true soul, a beautiful tour of traditional music that carried me away on the first play through. While the movers and shakers throughout history build fortunes and gather power, real people work hard and--sometimes--write songs about life as it is: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. Debbie Fisher handles these national treasures with skillful and loving care; and, because she does, listeners will stop, smile and experience feelings that have nothing to do with marketing, branding, and/or tweets. No matter what happens around us, good music always cuts through to the heart, and Just a Few Old Memories slides right in ("On the Wings of a Dove?") and makes itself right at home!"  ... to hear tracks visit: Spotify on Wepecket channel .

Her latest song:  "On the Rio Grande" speaks to the border issues of Mexican immigrants. In January 2016, Fisher performed the song at the 3rd "Hugs Not Walls" event in El Paso, TX.

In the summer of 2017, Fisher penned & performed a song: "Hope Rocks" for those in Recovery at the 1st Festival of it's kind, Hope Rocks Festival in Saugerties, NY, dedicated to the same.

Deborah began writing songs at seven years old by ear, without any formal training. By H.S. graduation, Fisher had over 100 songs copywrighted. Life took a turn towards marriage and children where her passion for music took its second place in line. Fisher's songwriting and performing history is interwoven and cultivated with family and responibility of keeping a day job, while persevering musical endeavors. It became natural for Deborah to offer her music talents over the years, in these capacities: Church Choir & Gutair Mass, Prison Ministry Retreats, "Christmas Yes's" Pageant Play Composer, Little Angels Chorus, Guitar Club, Music Workshops in Churches, Schools, Hospitals, Elderly Care Facilities, National Anthem Requests, Open Mic & Festival Hosts, Performance requests for Weddings, Funerals and Countless Benefit Fundraiser Events.