Pure Local Honey LYRICS

Pure Local Honey ~ Fisher & Kean, Lyrics & Music Copyright 2020  

Deborah Anne Fisher (DF)     Paul Kean (PK)       } as notated    




  CD Order:

Work Something Out  

Once Upon a Time  

Hope Rocks  

Girls of Summer  

Nature’s Way  


How Can I Really Love You  

White Sundress  

It’s All Good  

Only a Bill Called Love  

Whether or Not       

Second Story  

Damaged Wings  

Best Day Ever/ Ol River   

Maybe If I Was God  

I’ve Been Here Before  

On the Rio Grande  

Children of Their Own  

Love Your Way  

Being Human  

If You Be Kind  

With a Sigh  

Last Word       

Family Farm  

Sayin I Love You  

Half Moon  

Love Me Down   

Time for Me to Go  


















Work Something Out  ~ DF  


Do you think we can work, do you think we can work, do you think we can work something out?


Monday came the electric bill, and Tuesday the rent is due   

Thursday got to pay back you, $100 to cover the fuel                      

From Friday, when the oil man, came by to fill   

Do you think we can work something out    




Last week, my engine blew, the week before, it was my roof   

Tomorrow, will be here soon, that’s when, the money’s due   

So maybe we, can make a schedule, a payment plan, to pay my bill   

Do you think we can work something out.         





Now this, is the way, I live, from day to   

Honey, seein it’s how it seems , I still, have my dreams  


One fine day, to my surprise, the winning number, before my eyes   

Wouldn’t it, be real nice, to one day, put you on ice   

But until then, I’m gonna have to spend, so take a check, or credit   

Do you think we can work something out   




No you have meat, I have potatoes, do you think, we can trade em   

Barter system, is the thing, make us, both happy   

It’s been goin on, since way back when, Tradin off, is our friend   

Do you think we can work something out   










Once Upon A Time  ~ PK  


Once upon a time, that’s how the story starts   

Of a journey down this human road, of their body souls and hearts   

The story has some twists and turns, with things they’ve done and lessons learned    

But in the end each other they would find, once upon a time   


Once upon a time, they were traveling different roads   

where those roads would take them, they never could’ve known   

But they arrived at the same place, at exactly the same time    

That’s where they found each other, once upon a time    


Once upon a time, they found themselves together    

Seeking shelter from life’s storms, and some unexpected weather   

They fell into each other’s arms, and their lives became entwined   

Sheltering each other, once upon a time   


Once upon a time, two hearts found redemption   

Brought together or so it seems, by divine intervention    

As their story keeps unfolding, each day’s a brand new chapter   

Now they’re praying that their story’s going to end, happily ever after  

Once upon a time,  Once upon a time.   








































Hope Rocks ~ DF  


Hope rocks, you rock, Hope rocks, You rock    


Hope rocks right here under the sun     

The message loud and clear with everyone     

Pursuing who you are,  is all the fun   

Under the sun                                               


Hope rocks right here under the moon     

New hopes rising up, real soon     

Love’s here together we may truly bloom     

Under the moon     

Under the sun                                            


Hope rocks, you rock, Hope rocks, You rock   


Believe, look at yourself, you’re amazingly engaging    

new friends, entertaining, the same thing  rearranging &  praying     


Hope rocks right here inside heart     

A dream away, a super fresh start     

Your life alive, just as you are                     

Inside  your heart,      

Under the sun     


Hope rocks, you rock, Hope rocks, You rock   


Hope rocks, you rock,  remember-ing that thing      

It knocks, a lot, It’s, it’s what the birds sing     

Look in look out, well hope is,  what you bring     

You know it,  you grow it,  you rock it, you roll   

Under the sun….       

Hope rocks right here under the sun     






























Girls of Summer ~ PK  


I grew up in the country, not too far upstate   

People were spread out far and wide, among the mountains, river and lakes   


My family lived outside of town, far from all my friends   

When summer came we got together at night, the same place again and again   


At a dancehall on a lake we’d gather, live music all summer through   

All day we worked our summer jobs, but every night that’s what we’d do   



& I still remember how those nights would feel, outside beneath the stars   

Music mixing on the warm night air, with the sounds of the crickets and frogs   

I can still see that building, neon lights inside    

in the dark woods surrounding it, a million fireflies  


And all those girls of summer, dressed in their summer clothes   

the excitement they brought to our lives, they may never know   

so many summers went by like that, but summer never lasts   

now as I look back on them, they all went by so fast   


2nd Chorus: But I still…  


That dancehall’s long since gone now, it burned down to the ground   

Not a year goes by I don’t think of it, when summer comes around   

I remember just how I felt back then, sometimes on a summer breeze   

So many thoughts come back to me now, in my memory   


3rd Chorus: I still…  




Nature’s Way ~ DF  


Have you ever been rained on by autumn’s leaves               

Have you ever come upon some butterflies wings               

Have you ever heard her sing                                                 


Have you ever been troddin to turkey in the brush    

Have you ever come upon deer in a rush    

Have you ever felt her touch    




Nature’s way as she takes and gives                   

Nature’s way and her wisdom lives     

Nature’s way, she has a lingering kiss                   

Won’t you help her out, it’s nature’s way    


Have you ever smelt pine on a cool snowy day    

Have you ever woke to morning dew starin you in the face    

Has she ever left you amazed    


Have you ever been soothed by her raging thunder storms    

Have you ever been watering for her sweet downpours    

Has she ever left you pure    




Have you ever been saddened by extinctions greed    

Have you ever given your home back to the trees    

Have you ever, let her be    


Have you ever been haunted by imprisoned eyes    

Have you ever been fooled with her clever disguises    

Has she ever paid your price    


Chorus +…..   

Won’t you help her out, Have you ever been, In nature’s way   























Older ~ PK  


The trees are bare, they lost their leaves weeks ago   

The woods are empty but soon they will be filled with snow   

A full moon’s climbin to the tops of the trees   

They’ll be a frost tonight an omen of the coming freeze  


The moon seems bigger than I remember it used to be   

It’s casting shadows on the ground in front of me   

My breath clouds from my mouth as I breathe   

The only sound I hear is my steps in the leaves   



I’m feeling older than I used to be   

More of life behind me than ahead of me   

There’s something about winter coming on   

That makes wonder where another year as gone      G  D  Em  


The autumn evening is cool and the night is clear   

Summer’s warmth is gone and winter’s drawing near   

I zip my coat high against the evening chill   

The season’s go so fast I guess they always will   


2nd Chorus (2nd line: More of life’s…)  


The smell of a wood fire is drifting in the air   

In the distance I hear geese taking flight somewhere   

I’m feeling small underneath this night time sky   

With the sense of emptiness and I don’t know why   




There’s something about winter coming on   

That makes wonder where another year as gone  



























How Can I Really Love You ~ DF  


What a gift, to be who you’re with    

It’s a joy, to make some noise    

You see fit, to pick that or this    

It’s the choice,  your voice    



How can I really love you    

What’s this thing I gotta do    

We know lovin is the answer    

It’s been tried and true    


How can I really love you    

That’s the thing gotta know    

Yeah this loving is making good    

Love is where we got to go    




It’s a wish, to not miss    

A growing trust, comes, with us    

Happiness, living bliss    

Way cool stuff, of what life does    

































White Sundress ~ PK  


He was playin his music on a bandstand at a park in the center of town  

for a small group of people who were gathered around   

They sat on chairs and blankets scattered on the lawn   

Listening politely as he played his songs   


She caught his eye when she walked in the park, it didn’t take him long   

Pretty face, suntanned skin and white sun dress she had on   

She spread her blanket and laid on her back, her face turned toward the sky   

Listening and watching sunset colored clouds roll by   


He sang a song that asked a question a guy might ask a girl   

He sang if I lay here would you lay with me and just forget the world   

The second time it came around he heard the answer yes   

It came from the place she lay in her white sundress   


From that moment sparks flew, magic right then and there   

Distant thunder rumbled far away and heat lighting filled the air   

He’d been looking for her so long, where he found her he’d never have guessed   

On a blanket, in a park, in front of the stage, in a white sundress   


He’d been looking for her so long, where he found her he’d never have guessed   

On a blanket, in a park, in front of the stage, in a white sundress   


































It’s All Good ~ DF  


There’s a skip, in my step, baby I am gonna get, into it, into it, into it    


There’s a woah, in yo/His throw, if you go, don’t you know, you’re gonna miss it, miss it, miss it    



& it’s all good,  God is good, He don’t quit, He won’t quit, He’s every minute    

& it’s all good, God is good, He don’t quit, He won’t quit, He’s every minute    


There’s a swagger in my/His sway, & shinin today, I’m hip with it, step by step, ray by ray    


When you think,  you can, it will sail on back to you, every minute, yeah    

Think, you can & your heart will jump for joy every second, second    





    Be still and know, Love’s with us             

    Be still and know, Love’s on the bus    

    Be still and know, Know  your love    


There’s a glide in my stride, & it feels just right, slidin it, slide the glide in to stride    


There’s a thrill in my will, rollin until, through with it… through….    


There’s high, me oh my, in the sky when you try, soar with it,, ridin it..    


There’s a woo, in yo move, in livin this truth, we roll with  it…run with it   




















Only a Bill Called Love  ~ DF  


Could, this be our season together     

Time-ly reason to weather     

And the seconds beckon, don’t you reckon     


I enjoy pleasing you fella     

Clutched like a floating feather      

An arresting blessing, keeps me guessing     




Free- in a prison     

Locked up in descision     

Free-dom vision     

With only a bill called love     


Spring bursts buds on the vine     

Summer heat makes it climb     

Fallen leaf dying, life is trying     


Winter blues falsely accuse     

Cold is now on the move     

Keeping warm, through this storm     


Chorus ….  end line 3x:  


With only a bill called love     































 Whether or Not  ~ PK   


I woke up this morning it was cold and grey, the weather man said it’s gonna rain all day   

The rain came down, it would not stop, I had to work outside all day   

 whether or not    


You can dream all you want your Christmas will be white, So many come and go with no snow in sight   

You wake up that morning to see what you got, The same day each year, whether or not   




Heat wave or a cold front, blizzard or hurricane   

No one can control it, but we all sure can complain   

We say it’s too cold in the winter, & say the summer is too damn hot   

Life goes on any way, whether or not   


You can plan a nice June wedding, you hope everything will be just right, Perfect weather with a party, & a bride all dressed in white   

But when the big day comes, & it’s raining a lot, Your wedding goes on anyway, whether or not   


You take a vacation every year at the ocean, Beach chair swim suit and suntan lotion   

When your week’s wash out at your seashore spot, You’re still on vacation, whether or not   




Life goes on anyway   





































Second Story  ~  DF  


Nestled away, in Amish country     

Ill repute, has its say     

In a gogo bar, called 2nd Story     

where men flock every day     




Rolls in the hay, and dancing naked     

Money’s like candy, for the baby        

You dare not leave, for at least two weeks     

2nd story rules, wanna keep their sheep     


It’s an unnatural place, for the human race     

Wayward men, salivate     

jaws hanging & pockets jangling     

as you tire, of the trade     


2ndChorus:  replace “rolls in the hay” with: “the age old trade & dancing naked”     


the feature performer, she’s a cutie     

her lesbian lover’s tuition’s now paid     

& the ebony beauty, her body’s so sleek     

she’s buying a house in a couple of weeks     


3rdChorus: replace “rolls in the hay” with: “Inebriate”     


& there goes Lace, dangling her peaches      

Perfectly willing, temporarily sold       

A pretty picture, of compromised beauty     

Sometimes she feels, a thousand years old     


She can’t wait, to be free     

of 2nd story rules, and that scene     

her time is up, her purse is full     

She’s heading on home, to a new set of rules     


1st Chorus     

+  2ndstory rules want to keep their sheep    














Damaged Wings ~ PK  


She’s got a pair of damaged wings, they make it hard to fly                

The halo wrapped around her head, is bent above one eye     

She’s not a perfect angel, but she doesn’t have to be                    

Exactly what she’s like is close enough for me         


She had to grow up fast, no time to be a kid   

There were younger ones to care for and that’s just what she did    

She grew older and had some ups and downs, make a mistake or two   

But she makes the world a better place, cause that’s what angels do  



She’s not a perfect angel, but she doesn’t have to be                    

Exactly what she’s like is close enough for me   


Now she wants someone, to share her life, with what each new day brings   

To straighten out her halo, and repair her damaged wings    

I’d like to be that someone, at least I’d like to try   

To be the one who gets the chance, to watch that angel fly  




Exactly what she’s like is close enough for me   


































Best Day Ever / Ol River ~ DF  


It was the best day ever, on the Delaware river, this summer in late July    

Water walkers, sky chirpers, what else will we find    

Stretched out in donuts he filled with air, we laughed as I screamed & plopped in    

He hooked his feet, underneath, ol river,  where are we going    

With closed eyes, the sunshine & water lapping she whispered in my ear    

The he spied, a baby heron on the side in the grass blades hiding there    

Where I couldn’t find him, right away, but we had ol river to ourselves that day    

I joked, who did you have to pay, to rent out ol river, for us today    

Ol river,  the best  day ever,              ol river    best day ever        


Ol river  y’d us to one side, rowing us, where she desired    

Under outstretched branches, what’s lurking in the shadows    

Around the bend, & then, she sends…...us…. little more…    

water walkers, sky chirpers, sparkling blacks and blues dancing    

he saw a bald eagle way up high, on the tippy top of the tallest tree    

Shifting its head- sharp, then still, scanning endlessly everything    

We couldn’t believe, this wonderful, glorious summer day,  reverie    

We gravitated through the water our hands, prayed silently    

   Ol river, best day ever – 2x    


hey there’s a camper, in the distance, this must be his fishing pole layin around    

up yonder’s, ol wooden bridge, he’s NY I’m Pennsylvania    

we knew our time’s, winding up, rivers can’t go on forever     

under the bridge, she stilled the waters, hovering us for her birds to see    

darting in & out ol rusty rungs, where they must be nesting    

ol river, lulled  goodbye as she grazed the pebbles underneath our skin    

now at the car, he didn’t want, to me, river reminiscing     


he promised me, 9 hundred & ninety nine thousand,999  more days like these    

He hoisted me up, sealed the millionth one with a   kiss & a  squeeze    

Ol river,      the best  day ever,              ol river…    best day ever             

Had the best day ever,   on the Delaware river, this summer Sunday night -in late July 

Maybe if I was God ~ DF  


Maybe if I was God, I could teach you love, make rainbow people, with the same color blood   

You’d see when you’re hurting, from the inside out, & know we’re a family, have not a doubt   

Maybe if I was God, I could teach you love   


Maybe if you were God, we’d share a group hug, for at least three seconds, & as we let up   

We’d hear all our voices, in every tongue, & remember our heartbeats, a perpetual drum                            

Maybe if you were God, You’d teach me love   


As we look in the mirror, oo what a glorious crowd,  We’d see our true nature  & then we’d know-  how   


Maybe if we were God, we’d live out our love, in infinite measure, & when we look up   

You’d smile at me, with peace in your eyes, we’d feel our  love, humble & wise                       

Maybe if we were God,  we’d be livin’ our love   


Each day we’d wake up, around the sun, We’d cradle and hug, dance  and run   

No worry or fear, a matter of trust, Time would unfold, And we would have fun  

A Rainbow people,       With the same color blood   

Maybe if I was God, I could teach you love   









































I’ve Been Here Before ~ PK  


These canyon walls look fire red against the clear blue sky   

A raven seems to call my name as its flyin by   

Cottonwood trees on the river bank grow out of the canyon floor   

And this feeling overwhelms me, I’ve been here before        


Maybe I was a Navaho these rocks the color of my skin   

We fought the white man’s army in a war we could not win   

They came to drive us from our land, our ancestral home   

And forced us into boundaries, they created on their own   


I could have been a pioneer, who came here on a wagon train   

With my family and everything I owned through this red rock valley we came   

We traveled with one hundred more, as we headed west   

The wagon master told us, when to move and when to rest   


Maybe I was a cowboy who came here on a cattle drive   

The river and the canyon walls helped keep the steer in line   

We drove that herd all day long, never let them stray too far   

At night we slept here on the ground, underneath the stars   


These canyon walls look fire red against the clear blue sky   

A raven seems to call my name as its flyin’ by   

Cottonwood trees on the river bank grow out of the canyon floor   

And this feeling overwhelms me, I’ve been here before   


And this feeling overwhelms me, I’ve been here before   

































On the Rio Grande ~ DF  


They walked along, the Rio Grande      

In the fall, in the mud and trash     

the open wall, gave them a chance      

To unite with family on the Rio Grande    


One of the couples 13 years ago,     

was deported, back to Mexico    

Oh their children, how they missed them so    

& they walked in hope,  on the Rio Grande    



On the Rio Grande, the dried up riverbed    

For a little chance, oh the tears they shed    

The spirit man, it was love that led    

& now here they stand, on the Rio Grande    

                                     2nd: & now they ran across the Rio Grande   


200 families, gathered there                           U can  draw a line, in the sand    

for three minutes, well aware.                        With the  law, of the land    

they embraced in joy, because they dared    But it’s not that simple, with love in your hand    

to seize the moment, on the Rio Grande      & they seek to find, at the Rio Grand    




One side wore white, the other blue     

So Border patrol, knew who was who     

Soon the time was up, they put back the fence     

But on the Rio Grande, the Blessing went home with them      


then they walked on home, along the Rio Grande     

In the dried up riverbed, in the mud and trash    

for the open wall, gave them a chance      

to hug their family, on the Rio Grande    

And the Blessing went, (goes, is) home with them, on the Rio Grande    













Children of Their Own ~ PK  


Parents once were children, it’s the called the circle of life  

Mothers once were daughters, before they became a wife  

And fathers crawled and walked, before they learned to run  

Long ago they started out, being someone’s son  


Childhood seems to pass slowly, when it’s the only time you know  

But when you have a child, you see how fast life goes  

Parents wish the time would slow down, kids can’t wait for tomorrow to come  

I guess that’s why some say, youth is wasted on the young  



The circle of life keeps turning hour to hour and day by day  

Tomorrows keep on comin’ after every yesterday  

So parents guide your children, help them on their way  

First you teach them how to walk, later on to walk away ~~~~ sing  


Looking back on my life, and the journey I’ve been on  

I see where the circle’s taken me, and it hasn’t taken long  

I’m my parents’ son and the father of two children both now grown  

As the circles turn, my children are having children of their own  




So parents guide your children, help them on their way  

First you teach them how to walk, later on to walk away  


























Love Your Way ~ DF  


There’s a lot to live, with lot to give, budge, Your  hard judge     

Try & re-think, re-think, feel your love, feel yo love    


It’s time, give it a try, no matter what anyone say, bright yo day                 

& rethink, oo rethink, feel your way, love yo day   

What do you think , fill yo missing link , love your way-  love it     


Love,  Love,  Love your way,  what do you say    


Who you are, you’re a star, you’ll go far, unlock your   

What do you think, what do you see, Love isn’t far, it’s right where you are    

What do you think, you are free, from the war, shining star    


That’s  who you are, feel your love, love your way, Bright yo –day    

Love it   











































Being Human ~ PK   


Being human’s not easy, sometimes there’s too much pain  

Most of us don’t get enough sunshine, but we all get our share of rain  

Sometimes life is sunny and warm, sometimes it’s cold & gray  

This being human’s not easy, it can get harder day to day   


Being human’s not easy, heartache’s the hardest part  

All of our emotions, we say come’s straight from our heart  

But hearts are easily broken, that’s a pain that we all feel  

This being human’s not easy, sometimes hearts don’t heal  


Being human’s not easy, sometimes it’s like a curse  

But no matter how hard life might seem, things could always be worse  

Everybody knows the feeling when your heart breaks  

This being human’s not easy, dealing with the heartache  


But with everything we feel, all our pain and sorrow  

Being human we still hope, that things will be, better tomorrow  

Being human’s not easy, sometimes there’s too much pain  

























If You Be Kind ~ DF  


If You be Kind to another        

You may soon discover            

in giving, that you receive    

Could you find in your heart , to give for free    


If you do right, right by another    

You’re doing right,  by your very own brother    

So how could you, how could you, not want to love her    

One act of kind, to another   



Yes it may take, meeting halfway              

little pile faith, rolls into a new place    



I You be kind, to another    

You may never ever, ever ever, ever know, what you’ll uncover    

restore some hope, make a life a little less tougher    

One act of kind, to another    


Being kind, changes life, One person at a time, Happiness you’ll find           

Being kind, changes life, One person at a time, Happiness you’ll find        


Happiness you’ll find    



































With a Sigh ~ PK  


They found his car parked by the river   

His wallet and keys were left inside   

When I heard he was missing I started thinking   

Of the other time he tried   


We all hoped that they’d find him alive   

Prayed that he had changed his mind   

We held out hope while they were searching   

Then came that terrible find  




I wish somebody had the answer   

I wish someone could have helped him out   

I hope he knew that we all loved him   

By the choice he made I have my doubts  


He jumped from the bridge into the water   

Army uniform and medals on   

He was alive before he took that leap   

But his soul was dead and gone  




What did it all mean I can’t help wonder   

I ask myself now with a sigh   

What was the thing that was killing him   

Why did he make the choice to die  




Verse Chords & end  



























Last Word ~ DF  


Love has the last word, love is the most heard     

Love can be absurd, always has the last word   

Love can be a little shy, love at the same time   

Love looks you in the eye, longing for the last word   


So where you gonna go, my friend, something more is imminent      

While you wait, in defense, missing out,on real livin                  


Love is a humble child, love grows a little wild,    

Love transcends everything, while with it love brings   

Love is a sacrifice, love is a source of light   

Love de-fies, darkness, every time   


So what you gonna do, from here   

As you look around, it’s quite clear   

Can’t hide what is near, His love is a great idea   


Love invites you, love rights you   

Love entices you, engaging the last word   

Love’s in a smile, love’s never idle   

Love just might, surprise you   


Don’t underestimate, what you can do, with the love truth   

Cause his love, is the proof, hanging the last word   


Love needs your take, love design you make   

Love in the wake, while with it, love at stake   

Love is response, love hardly talks   

Love is the rock,  preserving the last word   


Love knows you well, love wouldn’t tell   

Love’s like a bell, ringing the last word   


















Family Farm   ~  PK  


Down where the river bends, barbwire fences divide the land   

There’s an empty house and a worn out barn, where a lonely silo stands   

That empty house and that worn out barn, are all that’s left of that family farm   

three generations worked that land, weathered faces and calloused hands   

They planted crops and they bailed hay & milked their herd two times a day   

But those days are long since gone, that family all moved on      

They faded away like the paint on an old barn, rest in peace, the family farm   


(Repeat 1st)   

Farming’s not an easy life, not much money lots of sacrifice   

The days are long and the work is tough, no vacations and no days off  


(Repeat 2nd)  

So they’re fading away, like the paint on an old barn, rest in peace the family farm   



Farewell to those families, farewell to their farms, farewell to the ground on which they stood   

Goodbye to tradition of those families, their way of life is gone for good   
























Sayin I Love You ~ DF  




I wanna hold you in my arms all night    

Wake up in the morning light    

Looking deep into your eyes    

Sayin’  I love you    


Verse 1:    

You’re the last one I’ll ever kiss    

& I don’t wanna be free    

there’s not one moment to miss     

of you and me    



Well lovin you feels good, all the way    

Oh you know, you know, you know I sure love to say    


Repeat Chorus, Solo over Chorus   


Verse 2:   

Baby the world’s at our feet    

Cause God gave you to me    

And by the way I don’t think     

I told you how much I love you    


Repeat Bridge   


Repeat Chorus +  



Looking deep into your eyes, sayin I love you    
























Half Moon ~  PK   


Lookin up at the half moon, making its way among the stars  

Wondering if you can see it too, from the place you are  

Thinking about the time, it shone upon us on your bed  

Tonight it shines on me alone, while I remember things we said     


Watchin the lonely half moon, gliding through the stars  

Half of me is missing too, I think how alike we are  

But the moon has an answer, something that I lack  

It knows that its missing half, will be coming back  


Starin up at the half moon, and its starin back at me  

The half of it that’s missing, is easy to see  

But the moon could never find, my missing part  

It’s buried deep inside of me, one half of my heart  


The feeling half of me is missing, is something that I know  

Like the moon’s pull on the tide, I have felt its ebb and flow  

Until my tide runs high again, I’m washed up on the shore  

Like a shipwreck castaway, I half survived before  


Watchin the lonely half moon, gliding through the stars  

Half of me is missing too, I think how alike we are ~      Dm 4 Beats  








































Love Me Down  ~ DF  


Stop, listen to the sound, Hey hey hey, come around and love me down   

See, all there is to see, look at me, and maybe love me   



Love me down, hey hey hey, love me out, hey hey hey love me now, love me down   



Take, all there is to take, hey hey hey, when you wake, learn to take   

Oh you, you really hurt me so, hey hey hey don’t you know, love me low   



































Time for Me To Go  ~ PK   


Your clock is striking midnight, in a room just down the hall   

Telling me it’s time to go, from it’s perch upon your wall   

The time we share together, never goes by slow   

Now your clock that’s striking midnight, is tellin’ me it’s time to go   



Time… for me to go, time, time, time, for me to go   


When I come to see you and I walk inside your door   

The hours go by so fast, like they always have before   

Whenever we’re together, time never goes by slow   

Now your clock that’s perched up on your wall, is tellin me, it’s time to go   




We spend our time together, the way we always do   

Soon enough we say goodbye, when our time together’s through   

When I leave I think about, how fast life can flow   

And how it feels like I just got here, but now it’s time for me to go   


Chorus 2x