1. All My Heart
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Words & Music Copyright 2017 Deborah A. Fisher
Vocals: Deborah A. Fisher
Recording Engineer, Instruments: Charles Lang


All My Heart ~

Will I see you again, I pretend
That the morning will bend in our favor
The armor in place stands in the way
As life disintegrates and we waver

All my heart, you have all my heart
You have every part, all of my heart

Scattered lives litter railway lines
These cold dark times is when we made her
Now with child, our joy has smiled
Won’t you light me a candle, in heaven’s chamber


The railroad line , is right on time
Oh how fine -you breathe life in me

Wicked ways infiltrate
Love’s space but grace is greater
We will fight till the end of our time
With cyanide saved for later

Chorus 2x
You have every part, all of heart

Inspired by after viewing:
The Railway Man 2013
Female Agents 2008